Yorkie and German Shepherd play Tug o War
  • 27.09.2022
  • 152

Leelou the Yorkie and Stryker the German Shepherd play tug o war with a sock

our Yorkies getting treats
  • 25.09.2022
  • 2431

little dogs are very hungry and will eat each other :))

Clever 4,5 months biewer yorkie puppy doing basic tasks
  • 24.09.2022
  • 46036

Biewer yorkie puppy

  • 23.09.2022
  • 1402

The little dog is enjoying the moment on walks :)

Extra mini yorki
  • 22.09.2022
  • 688

Amazing movements of small dogs :)

  • 21.09.2022
  • 774

Nice dress, nice shoes, cute puppy

Yorkie Puppy Plays with Rubber Ball
  • 20.09.2022
  • 5695

My 3 months old Yorkshire terrier plays with a rubber ball for the 1st time and it's too adorable to not be shared!

Yorkie playing fetch
  • 19.09.2022
  • 1848

My dog Mojo playing fetch. He doesn't like to give the ball up.

smart 3-month-old Yorkie shows off tricks
  • 18.09.2022
  • 6625

Molly Mae demonstrates what a smart Yorkie can really accomplish at such a young age. She is "home-schooled," everyone! :) No special classes or obedience school, whatsoever.. This little one is such a natural that it only took about 3 weeks for her to learn these tricks. It's all about positive reinforcement and definitely a whole lot of puppy treats :)

Cat Bathing a Yorkie
  • 17.09.2022
  • 3687

This is a couple years old, but I think the world needs to see this cuteness. I love my pets. :-D

Yorkie Kisses
  • 16.09.2022
  • 1226

Giving kisses :))

Yorkie puppy 8 weeks VS slippers
  • 15.09.2022
  • 7137

My name is "Blue" and i like to play with mom's slippers

Yorkie playing basketball(highlights)
  • 14.09.2022
  • 2482

Gorgeous talent amazing harmony amazing dog…

Yorkie has a new toy Watch his reaction
  • 13.09.2022
  • 988

They put a new toy in front of their two-month-old Yorkshire Terrier, and cuteness ensues. Just watch the tiny Yorkie’s reaction when she hears the ball squeak.